Semen Retention Vs. Nofap Go Head-to-Head

Written by: Fab Fellas


Semen Retention Vs. Nofap Go Head-to-Head

There is a school of thought where masturbation and watching porn can cause us as men to become, well, not at our best. In fact, it may seem that masturbation to porn or even ejaculation, in general, is a negative thing that we do to our bodies. On the other hand, some may think that a form of abstinence or restriction on how often we may pleasure ourselves can have numerous benefits down the line.

There’s a spiritual connection that’s stronger when practicing one of these methods, with stronger relationships and better moods. This is why so many people practice semen retention.

In addition, your self-confidence seems to improve, and your mental wellbeing is said to be free of anxiety and depression. Physically, you may have better vitality and energy in general and the possibility of better muscle retention and growth. This is the thought process, anyway.

In this post, we are going to compare sperm retention and refraining from ejaculation. We’ll aim to evaluate the benefits of an ejaculatory abstinence period, retaining semen, and the benefits of semen retention. These can include a desirable endocrine response, physical benefits, healthier semen characteristics, improved mental health, satisfaction of sexual partners, and improved muscle control.

If you’re ready to learn more about sexual continence, penile muscle growth, and everything you need to know about how to retain semen and improve your sex life, then keep reading!

What is Semen Retention?

We take the former where we start in our journey of semen retention vs. nofap. It’s a way of still being able to masturbate, watch porn, have sex, or do any type of sexual activity. The key difference here is to train oneself not to actually ejaculate any semen. That means training oneself to the point where the semen doesn’t come out, but the orgasm still happens. It’s not necessary for the orgasm to not happen, but it is essential not to ejaculate.

A lot of exercises can be done, such as Kegel exercises, to control and prevent the outburst of ejaculation. Many groups are also involved in this as their spiritual practices, such as Tantra, amongst others.

What is NoFap?

The second part in the semen retention vs. nofap debate can be a bit more stringent. While semen retention isn’t about denying pleasure, nofap ends up being a state of mind that can get quite intense when you choose to go towards hardcore mode.

In reality, though, for those who want to see if they have benefits, choosing the soft way with NoFap is the best option. It’s a happy medium to start off with, as you’re not abstaining from masturbation or sex; you’re abstaining from watching porn. It’s a community that’s built around avoiding the fantastical nature of what porn is and does to the mind.

Hard mode is where those in the community abstain from all sexual activity, whether it’s watching porn, masturbation, or even having sex. This is for a certain period of time and can commonly be found by participants in the month of November as a solidarity movement for men to promote wellbeing as well as promote awareness for prostate cancer and getting checked often enough.

Which is The Better Option?

In the overall weighing up of semen retention vs. nofap, there really isn’t one that’s better than the other, especially when it comes to premature ejaculation. It all depends on your overall preference and how much of a change you’re wanting to make in your life. Practicing semen retention and evaluating ejaculation frequency is a great way to improve health and achieve semen retention. You may not surprisingly see a better way of living when you’re not relying on staying in front of your screen watching other people having sex or constantly masturbating. This can result in only being able to have masturbation induced orgasm or retrograde ejaculation. Semen retention leads to self-control, higher sperm quality, and a variety of health benefits and is backed by scientific evidence.