Semen Retention Timeline

Written by: Fab Fellas


Semen Retention Timeline

When we look at what semen retention is, it’s one of the oldest types of practices that helps bring a newfound spiritual and physical strength to men. It is practiced through many spiritual paths such as Tantra, Hindu Tantra (Maithuna), Sahaja Yoga, and similar spiritual areas. It’s all about taking control of one’s urges and being in complete ownership of one’s body.

It’s the thought process that an orgasm shouldn’t solely be based on ejaculation from men. There’s an orgasm, and then there’s ejaculation. This distinct separation is where semen retention finds its routes. It’s only now becoming more prevalent with the internet able to connect multiple communities together with this thought process.

The actual practice itself is when a person engages in sexual stimulation, either through masturbation or through intercourse, and deliberately stops themselves from ejaculating. It’s about achieving that climax and then, at the last possible moment preventing the end results. Any type of self-management or regulation of sexual activity can provide numerous benefits, i.e., not having an addiction to porn or constantly having the need to masturbate.

When you tie in semen retention, it adds another layer of control that has been shown to improve overall awareness, mental well-being, and physical empowerment.

However, it is not something that can be done easily tomorrow, let alone ever mastered. So keep in mind that if you suffer from some type of sexual dysfunction, such as erectile dysfunction, and you’re trying to do semen retention as a cure, it’s really best to consult medical experts first, as it is a great idea when trying anything new with your body.

Regardless it’s important to note that with the right type of repetition and structured semen retention timeline built into your overall strategy, you may be able to reap some of the reported benefits that come from this.

Stage 1 – The Initiation to Practice Semen Retention

As is common when trying anything new, the first week is going to be extremely tough on you. You’re starting something new, you may fail at handling it the first few times, and you want to try to do your best to stay motivated. Know what’s coming up ahead and understand that you’re doing something for the benefit of your own body, mindfulness, and soul.

With that mentality, be prepared for a huge energy increase and testosterone injection in your body. This could provide a couple of sleepless nights, but don’t sway from the path. Don’t go back to your old habits. Stay the course, and don’t be tempted to cancel your progress. Make sure to be focused on the benefits, such as improved semen characteristics, decreased chance for prostate cancer, the ability to retain sperm, and the ability to overcome only masturbation induced orgasm events.

Remember, it gets easier after the first week, and the benefits will possibly continue to grow exponentially. By the end, you should experience increased self-control, enhanced sexual desire, increased sperm count, higher testosterone levels, and a slew of other health benefits.

If you are able to make it through, not only will your energy levels be through the roof, but your confidence and motivation will also achieve new highs. This can all be done through simply retaining semen and going through an ejaculatory abstinence period.

Stage 2 – The First Month of Semen Retention

After that first week, your next stage will help you start to regain some normalcy. You’ll be able to do everything better in many cases. Your focus will start to feel sharpened, you will have much more restful evenings, and you’ll notice that you’re much better when you’re out and about socializing. Some men have also experienced a deeper voice due to the increased amount of testosterone spreading back throughout the body. 

Those cravings and urges that were pushing your willpower in stage one will start to subside, and you’ll feel like you’ve reached peace with your mood and overall energy levels. You’re not losing energy; you’re simply able to handle it better. In addition, you won’t feel as if there’s a big aggression wave coming your way as your testosterone supposedly stops being made.

With your newfound mindset, you’ll find yourself not actively seeking sexual release and pleasure but can finally start putting your focus on, well, anything else. That means you can create something new, finish something old, and generally be a more positive person. Those closest to you will immediately see these changes with this refurbished you.

You will have a new view on life, priorities, and how to even handle yourself around the opposite sex. Yes, all that can happen to those that go down this semen retention timeline. It only takes a week to get to this potential path, so all you need is that initial dedication to get there.

The Pain Stage – The Flatline

Unfortunately, while week one may have been hell for some, this next month after the euphoria is where many will hit a wall and give up. But remember how key motivation is here and to keep forward with the mission!

Your energy levels here seem to drop to all-time lows, and you stop seeing the benefits of your journey any longer. This combined can lead to a depression of sorts, and it’s important to understand, no matter what, that it’s temporary.

You will feel that whatever short-term benefits that semen retention gave you or that this semen retention timeline is a complete lie. You’ll mentally start to demotivate yourself as your physical body already has done that for you.

Those who doubt may never recover, and that means heading back to a path where there are none of the assumed benefits of semen retention. However, doubt doesn’t mean the end. All of this is your body simply adjusting to the change and your brain working through the new process. The most common response is to return your body to a sense of normalcy that it’s used to.

That means it will try to give you mixed messages during this phase to bring you back to a time when constant ejaculation wasn’t so bad and that it’s really ok to do so. Stay strong, and don’t let your mind play these tricks on you. It’ll only be a month at most, and for many, it will just be a few weeks. Treat yourself in other ways. Go on a holiday or just a staycation to relax from the world and give yourself the strength you need. 

The Final Stage

Congratulations on getting through the flatline and giving yourself the motivation and the confidence to make it through the semen retention timeline. Everything positive you experienced comes back in a wave and is here with you for the following couple of weeks. All that testosterone, confidence, productivity, and motivation comes back.

You will most likely also have a newfound respect for those around you and a respect for the real world that you live in. you will have a strong sense of appreciation of things and you should be truly proud to make it this far.

Then after a couple of weeks of getting back your energies, you’ll see yourself avoiding those negative thoughts and actions of sexual activity, and you’ll reach a continual state of calm and zen where you feel as if you can take on the world. The semen retention benefits are clear and are backed by years of semen retention science that studies mental health, premature ejaculation, spiritual benefits, retrograde ejaculation, and all things sexual pleasure.

Use this newfound you as a way to do what really matters to you the most and as a way to expunge the negativity and toxicity that may have started to form around you previously in the past. Seize the moment with your time and thoughts, free from unnecessary urges. You’ll also attract like minded, focused, and positive individuals that will help you with the goals that you set out to do after you accomplish this semen retention timeline.