Your Own Nofap Timeline – Getting Ready for No Fap November!

Written by: Fab Fellas


Your Own Nofap Timeline – Getting Ready for No Fap November!

For those that are interested in seeing what benefits they may achieve with a nofap lifestyle, November, which is commonly referred to as No Nut November, is just around the corner, and if you’re reading this, then you’re as ready as ever to go through with it.

Before you jump in, though, understand that this is a challenge in itself and that you want to track and record just how long you’re able to go without any ejaculation or masturbation. Also, keep in mind that this is not a guide or a recommendation of any sort. This is more of the world around what nofap is all about and what a typical timeline would look like.

Different Types of NoFap Timeline People

Keep in mind that nofap started out as a way to stop watching porn and kill that addiction. Experts are seeing porn addiction start increasingly early and more people are starting to realize the benefits of nofap.

That is what many can agree on when it comes to reconnecting with ourselves or reconnecting with our partners. A dependency on the fantasy that is the porn lifestyle has been shown to distance us and have us not be at our best. Yet the nofap movement has expanded significantly, with different degrees of abstinence practiced.

There’s simply not watching porn, not watching porn and not masturbating, or the extreme mode, where it’s actually just abstinence. That means no porn, no masturbation (climax or not), and no sex. Understanding these differences will also increase difficulties with the timeline. All of this is meant to achieve a state of balance where these areas don’t become the main priority in life.

The path that you choose will depend on your past life experiences, what level of self-improvement you want to achieve, and whether you have a healthy attitude surrounding this journey. Some people give up not only girls, but ejaculation as a whole.

Another area that may increase how difficult it could be is the amount of time (years specifically) that these activities have been going on. So if you’ve been consistently watching porn and masturbating to it for decades, it will simply be that much harder.

Why Do It?

Besides the fact that having too much of anything, especially porn, is not a good thing, there’s also another thing to consider. This is known as the death grip syndrome.

The problem is when we masturbate and constantly masturbate with porn, we are hyper-stimulating ourselves unnaturally, and thus we can possibly desensitize ourselves with our genitals. That means regular normal standard good old fashioned sex won’t do it for us. That means it could be possible to only ejaculate through this hyperstimulation of masturbation. Again, the evidence is anecdotal, but if we think about it, it could maybe have already happened to us or someone we know at some point.

Phase 1 – The First Week Not Watching Porn

Many agree that while this is the shortest phase, this is also the hardest one. That doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone will have a tough time this first week, but they could also quickly relapse after the first week. Regardless, getting through this is still a major milestone achieved.

It could be conceived that this is as hard an addiction to kill as it would be with food, smoking, or alcohol. You’re riding off the unnatural amounts of dopamine you’ve been used to that’s produced from watching pornography and having porn addiction as opposed to real sex, and you need to satisfy those cravings. As a result, your willpower will be put to the test, especially with how easy it is to access porn. While the first few days will be easy because you’re doing your best to push yourself, that inevitable wall will be hit.

Typical triggers and the effects they have on you, whether it’s scrolling through bikini-clad women on social media or seeing attractive females in general, will cause you to want to masturbate or watch porn and masturbate to that as well. If possible, you need to fight through this and get yourself through that first week.

Don’t try to cheat by isolating yourself; that will only worsen it. Instead, you need to work on desensitizing yourself to these triggers. Then, after the first week, it’s on to the next stages of nofap and looking at the nofap timeline further along.

The best tip during this phase is to stay focused on all the benefits that can be had by going through the NoFap stages successfully. This can include improved mental and physical energy, cured brain fog, reversing low self esteem, and improved self control.

The Next 30 Days: Curing Porn Addiction

You should be feeling better at this time. At the least, you should have better energy levels and motivation at this stage. You can probably sleep better these days than you ever thought possible. The cravings and the withdrawal during the stages of nofap are always there, but in this stage, it starts to go downhill.

Start planning your lifestyle and keep yourself active. You need a positive release for all these additional energy levels. Then, depending on just how much of a higher frequency you run on, you can start tackling those life goals you’ve always wanted to do. Whether it is simply just spending more time with friends and family, traveling, or even starting a business, do whatever it takes to manage this increase in testosterone levels.

Any mood swings or changes in how you act during that first week should subside, which means you will feel more confident in general. You can even socialize and talk to women, as there’s really not as big of an issue as there may have been when you started the withdrawal process.

Making NoFap Benefits Habit

This is a crucial moment in the nofap timeline because here is where our brain starts to rewrite how we do things and build out habits. That may sound well and good, but all the hormones that are released during sex have stopped being produced for quite a while now, and that could lead to one of the worst stages of nofap, which is the flatline period. This is where all that newfound energy you started feeling seems to mysteriously disappear. It’s not depression exactly, but the desire for sexual activity could hit an all-time low.

That means you’re on the right track, and your brain is finally killing the addiction for you. There are some anecdotal pieces where this supposed flatline could last for the better part of two years. Yet it seems it’s really more commonly just a month or so, which is the natural timeframe when it comes to rewiring the brain, to begin with.

Either way, this part of the nofap timeline could seem excruciating for some. The length of time for this really does depend on how addictive your personality is and how young you were when you started watching porn. That could make the flatline period last a lot longer, but it doesn’t matter because you were expecting it anyway, and as with everything in life, this too shall pass. Don’t psych yourself out, and you will be able to reach the final stages of nofap.

Recovery, Maintenance and Flatlining on Your NoFap Journey

Here you find yourself at the end of the nofap flatline timeline, which is usually approaching the third month. Now your testosterone levels should be maxed out, your energy levels will be immense, and you’ll be ready to take on the world. Your conscious brain demands will no longer include the need to watch porn anymore. By this stage, you shouldn’t be experiencing withdrawal symptoms and your subconscious brain believes once again that you are an empowered person. You’ve gone through the entire NoFap benefits timeline.

You will be rehabilitated during the nofap recovery timeline in a sense, according to the nofap community and most guys, and you can now reap the benefits. At this point, you can end the nofap timeline, but it’s also best to try to maintain the lack of porn in your life, as that could be something that causes a form of erectile dysfunction due to overstimulation.

This will help your sexual desire and enable your your brain completely to recover. With a higher productivity, satisfied relationship, and renewed self-confidence, your subconscious brain starts to completely recover and enter the recovery stage as you being a totally different journey.