How to Cure PIED Fast

Written by: Fab Fellas


How to Cure PIED Fast

For a young man, hearing that he has erectile dysfunction can be a devastating diagnosis. Unfortunately, it’s something that many guys feel they can’t talk about for fear of being less of a man. The good news is that there are ways to cure PIED effectively over time or cure it quickly, using enhancement drugs and other methods.

If you’re looking for a safe procedure and want to know how to cure PIED fast, then keep reading this article to learn about acoustic wave therapy devices like the NeoWave, which are an effective treatment for PIED.


Ongoing issues with erections can signal that something is wrong and may indicate an underlying health condition. Erectile dysfunction is when a man cannot achieve or maintain an erection hard enough to have sex. Since male arousal is a complex process, it’s difficult to nail it down to one specific issue. Sometimes the problem is caused by many things, but generally, this condition affects aging men with lower testosterone levels or other physical issues. ED has physical causes like:

  • Atherosclerosis
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Parkinson’s

Psychological issues can also surface and result in problems maintaining erections. Several things can interfere with your brain’s sexual excitement, such as:

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • PIED (Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction)

PIED is a concern and is slowly becoming an epidemic in our society. Due to the ease of access and novelty of pornography, young men begin to develop unhealthy relationships. Essentially, desensitization makes it impossible for healthy young men to build meaningful connections with real people and engage in sexual activities. So how does PIED have anything to do with this?


As the name states, Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction is directly related to the abuse of pornography, and the problem seems to worsen every year. While it still needs more research, PIED results from excessive consumption of porn, which leads to decreased sensitivity to real-life sexual encounters. Because of porn addiction, approximately 1 in 4 new ED patients are men under 40.

In addition, many professionals believe that over time, with the constant view of unrealistic expectations of men’s performances and women’s flawless bodies, young men could suffer from low self-esteem and body image issues. Some opponents of PIED’s existence or its effect on male sexual desires claim that pornography helps improve relationships. However, scientists are becoming increasingly convinced that the opposite is true.

For instance, a study in 2016 indicated that excessive pornography consumption is directly related to erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, problems with arousal and sexual performance are rampant in individuals who consume porn regularly. PIED can be so bad in specific individuals that they cannot have meaningful relationships and have poorer social functioning skills than those who don’t consume pornography.

People with porn addiction use it to escape the world and uncomfortable emotions. It can be devastating; unfortunately, these individuals reported having the lowest emotional and mental well-being. To some, it may sound like there is no hope, but that isn’t true. Don’t suffer in silence – there is help available.


Depending on how seriously PIED affects your mental and physical health will determine the type of treatment plan you need. The best method for curing your PIED is a long-term multi-step plan involving rewiring or resetting your mind.

Never Watch Porn Again – This will take an intense commitment, and there can be no excuses. Quit cold turkey and commit yourself to abstain. Work on your discipline to be successful.

No Porn, No Masturbation, No Sex – You need to abstain from ejaculating for 90 days; the first couple weeks will be brutal, but you can do it; committing to this step will jumpstart your success, and you’ll begin to see the benefits almost immediately. This is the first part of “rewiring your brain.”

Live in the Real World – Go outside, and get some sun, but most importantly, you need to interact with people. Develop personal and emotional connections with people, especially women, and you’ll be doing the second part of “rewiring your brain.”

Develop Real Fantasies – If you’re single, develop fantasies with women you’ve met; if you have a spouse, think of the fantasies both of you have wanted to act out. Have conversations about it; the goal is to get aroused by the potential of real activity with your partner or potential partners.

Change Your Diet And Exercise – Believe it or not, eating well and exercising can do more than help you lose weight. Studies show that regular exercise can improve blood flow to your penis.

However, many men want to know how to cure PIED fast; fortunately, we know several ways to do that too.


Sometimes, the quickest solution is the best solution, and there are several quick solutions to cure PIED quickly. Here are several ways that describe how to cure PIED fast:

ED Pills – generally, ED pills can work in about an hour if you need to be ready to perform. Unfortunately, this fast option costs thousands of dollars for only a few sexual encounters. If money is no object, the side effects may deter you. ED pills can cause headaches, dizziness, vision problems, and permanent damage to your penis from unsafe erections.

TENS Therapy – some medical professionals believe this therapy increases arousal and sensitivity, and improve weak erections. TENS therapy stimulates the nerves in the affected area with electric current; it’s mainly used for pain management, but many practitioners believe it will result in more robust and better erections. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to suggest that this works; for more information on TENS therapy for ED, read our article here.

Penile Pump – or a vacuum erection device, is a hollow tube that fits over the penis and creates a vacuum. The vacuum pulls blood into the penis, and then you place a tension ring over the base, creating a harder erection that should last long enough for you to have sex with your partner. Unfortunately, this can result in bruising, restriction of ejaculation, and injury from faulty or poor-quality equipment.

Acoustic Wave Therapy – is another quick ED treatment method that has shown promising results for many individuals. With AWT, men can treat themselves at home with a convenient, portable device that is easy to use. AWT devices use shockwaves to break up plaque and promote cell regeneration and blood vessel growth in the tissues of the penis, giving immediate results during the first session.



Although the FDA doesn’t approve it, shockwave therapy is a pill-free treatment for erectile dysfunction backed by encouraging results from several studies. AWT has the potential to work as a short-term and long-term solution to ED and PIED due to the benefits men get from the treatment. While many practitioners can perform AWT services, their treatments are costly, and patients are unlikely to return for another session.

However, innovators have made AWT more accessible for everyone, no matter their budget; with that in mind, patients who want to know how to cure PIED fast should consider NeoWave. NeoWave is an innovative AWT device backed by over 40 clinical research studies and utilizes the latest technology. Men who use the NeoWave will enjoy:

  • Harder, stronger erections
  • Immediate results in as little as 5 minutes
  • A treatment with no side effects
  • Affordable, one-time payment of $700
  • A permanent solution that treats the root cause of ED in men of all ages
  • An alternative for effective PIED treatment
  • A reliable therapy with consistent results
  • A safe, non-invasive treatment
  • Easy 3-step process that anyone can do

One of the best parts about NeoWave is that it doesn’t require a prescription or embarrassing conversations with your doctor. In addition, because NeoWave treats the long-term causes of ED, you can consider it both a quick and a long-term, permanent solution that fixes your PIED with no pills, pumps, or other uncomfortable devices. If you’re ready to experience the enjoyment of great sex and a passionate connection with your partner, make AWT a part of your treatment plan. Let the benefits of NeoWave help you learn how to cure PIED fast so you can attain those long-lasting and powerful erections you deserve.