Best Stay Hard Pills At Walmart

Written by: Fab Fellas


Best Stay Hard Pills At Walmart

Erectile dysfunction is no laughing matter. Not only does it leave you sexually frustrated, embarrassed, and ashamed, it can put a serious dent in your confidence and self-esteem.

When the inability to perform in the bedroom starts to impact your overall emotional well-being, it’s time to find fast-fixing solutions.

Fortunately, there are options. We can’t guarantee they’re all effective. The most common treatments are prescription pills like Viagra and over-the-counter PDE-5 inhibitors such as sildenafil or tadalafil.

Surgical treatments such as penile injections and implants are another option but can leave scars. More recently, acoustic shockwave therapy has literally been making waves as a non-intrusive treatment for ED that does not cause side effects.

Check out this article to see how shockwave therapy stacks up against other ED treatments. In this article, we’re taking a look at some of the best-rated ‘stay-hard” pills at Walmart.

Are Stay Hard Pills Safe?

Before we dive into the list of best stay-hard pills at Walmart, it’s worth noting that dietary supplement are not approved by the FDA. There’s a good reason for that. Remember the Rhino scandal when a 31-year-old man died of a fatal heart attack after ingesting a Male Enhancement pill?

Death is a rare case, but a lot of men report experiencing side effects. These  range from pain in the penis to high blood pressure and heart palpitations. Having said that, Viagra can cause heart problems too – and Viagra has been approved by the FDA. The only difference between Viagra and the best stay-hard pills at Walmart is that Viagra can only be accessed by prescription through your GP.

You will also find that some OTC stay-hard pills at Walmart are advertised as “herbal supplements”. These types of pills only include natural ingredients so they, in theory, should be safe because they shouldn’t promote blood flow to harmful rates. However, you should still consult your doctor before trying any kind of stay-hard pill from Walmart.

The safest known treatment for ED is acoustic shock wave therapy. But they are expensive. In the US, the average cost of a single session is $490. Treatments usually take between 3-12 months to work because the procedure involves stimulating the growth of new blood vessels and nerve tissue.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can easily get over-the-counter stay-hard pills at Walmart for as little as $13. But before you jump into pill-popping, just remember that over-the-counter pills could present a health risk – and there is no guarantee they will work for everybody.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Max Hard 2 Pack – $12.98

There are only a handful of stay-hard pills at Walmart with any reviews. And we only found one that looks genuine. That rare gem was Max Hard. The reviewer confirmed these pills work, but added they are not intended for people with diabetes.

If you’re not suffering from a condition that could be aggravated by ED pills, the Max Hard 2 pill pack could be a good option to reclaim your mojo. Ringing in at an affordable $13 for 2 pills, you’ve not wasted too much money if these pills do not work for you.

According to the manufacturers:

“Max Hard is scientifically formulated to provide maximum male enhancement and endurance. It is fast-acting and utilizes nature’s finest ingredients to help increase sex drive and intensify erections.”

Max Hard,

Natural ingredients. That old chestnut.

Vialis – $12.95

If you’re the kind of guy that likes a good workout in the gym as well as the bedroom, Vialis will pique your interest. This little fella pitches itself as a male enhancement pill capable of building muscle mass and boosting energy.

Vialis claims to contain ingredients that help to stimulate blood circulation. The “natural energy supplement” also improves mood, stamina, and confidence which can optimize sexual performance and sports success.

What the manufacturers say:

“Maximum Strength Male Enhancement Pharmaceutical Grade is a testosterone booster that is specially formulated to help improve blood flow so you last longer in action. Naturally, boost your performance and increase your stamina to give you all the power you need for that maximum effect.”


Natural Male XXL – $22.42

Another “scientifically formulated,” Natural Male XXL contains the natural ingredients, Tongkat Ali, L Arginine, & Tribulus Terrestris that supposedly fuels erections and support hardness. Stamina and girth are also enhanced apparently.

“Nature’s Nutrition Natural Male XXL Tablets give you the daily support you need both in your life and in bed. We have scientifically combined the best products in 2 easy to take tablets that can be taken any time of the day so you can be ready when you need to be. Our 2 tablets can support your endurance, help with natural energy and stamina, and support your desire for prime body performance.”

Natural Male XXL,

TestoUltra – $29.99

TestoUltra is a testosterone enhancer – an important hormone that plays a key role in getting an erection. This particular stay-hard treat pill available at Walmart claims to have passed clinical trials as a male enhancement drug that not only helps you to become erect but can also stimulate penis growth – by at least 71.4%.

The manufacturers claim:

“TestoUltra is the only 100% natural, safe, and effective pill that can deliver the complete solution to the challenges of a man’s sex life. Only TestoUltra can promise more virility, power, and pleasure without health risks and without a prescription.”


Testo-Zen Ultra $69.99

Testo-Zen Ultra is another brand that targets testosterone growth rather than blood pressure. Theoretically, these types of ED interventions should be safer than pills that enhance blood flow. They are priced higher but you do get 60 capsules. If you are thinking of purchasing from some other party, make sure you ensure that they are the correct form and are not dangerous.

What the manufacturers say:

“Testoxzen Ultra sexual enhancer supplement pills serve two purposes: killer workouts and ultimate sexual pleasure. An all-natural male enhancement formula, unlike anything you’ve tried before. Every guy feels like an alpha male when he has sky-high testosterone, an extreme sex drive, and enough stamina for mind-blowing sex.”

Testo-Zen Ultra,

Closing Remarks

ED medications can potentially increase blood flow to encourage penis enlargement. If you have an existing cardiovascular condition, OTC stay-hard pills at Walmart and male enhancement pills are probably not the right option for you. It’s also worth noting that medication is not a long-term solution. We recommend that you try acoustic shock wave therapy instead.

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