Best Over The Counter ED Pills At Walgreens

Written by: Fab Fellas


Best Over The Counter ED Pills At Walgreens

If you’re not able to perform in the bedroom right now, you may be wondering whether over-the-counter ED pills at Walgreens will help.

And I would say, maybe. Not a definite yes, not a definite no. We’ll dive deeper into that below.

First of all, it’s worth noting that the issue causing your manhood to malfunction is probably biological.

Apparently, most men will experience erectile dysfunction at some stage in their life. ED affects at least 52% of American males aged 40–70 but is also prevalent in 26% of men under 40.

So, ED is pretty common. High levels of stress and unhealthy lifestyles don’t help. If you’re drinking too much alcohol, smoking, taking chemical substances, eating processed food, and don’t exercise, you may find the cause and the cure for your ED right there.

But sexual disorders can also be caused by chronic diseases which affect blood flow. Or you may have lost your sex drive because of low testosterone, most notably a shortage of arginine – the source chemical which is needed to create testosterone.


Well, yes – and no.

The success of various treatments will largely depend on the individual. There are no guarantees that treatments for ED will work for everybody – especially if you have underlying conditions that restrict blood flow.

Over-the-counter (OTC) ED pills at Walgreens will probably be your first line of inquiry. This is the easiest solution to access – and also the least expensive. Having said that, if your ED persists and you have to buy ED pills at Walgreens every week, the cost of treatment becomes expensive.

It’s also worth noting that OTC ED pills can cause side effects such as aches and pains, problems with your digestive system, blurred vision, and blotchy skin. In severe cases, male enhancement pills are known to impair blood pressure, kidney, and liver.

Prescription drugs (phosphodiesterase-5-inhibitors) from your primary care provider might be a are safer alternative – but also have a connection with side effects and have been known to cause heart conditions in rare cases.

PDE5Is (Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis) can be dangerous for men with existing heart conditions. So be warned that your doctor may refuse to give you ED pills, in which case, it wouldn’t be wise to take OTC ED pills at Walgreens either.

The other traditional treatments for ED are even less appealing. They usually involve blood, pain, and scars. Both penile implants and penile injections involve surgery. Doctors usually recommend surgical intervention as a last resort.

The other option that Doc Johnson may recommend is a urethral suppository – which, erm, involves popping a little drug pellet into the tip of the penis.

I know, I’m wincing as well.

To make matters worse, there is the risk of burning sensations and bleeding with urethral interventions.

That does not sound like a treatment.


To date, the most promising treatment for ED is acoustic shock wave therapy such as NeoWave . ASWT is a non-invasive treatment that involves stroking the penis with a pulsating ‘magic wand’ to help stimulate blood vessels and nerve endings.

Shock wave therapy is shown to be successful at treating sports injuries and kidney stones among other regenerative procedures. Although the treatment is still in its infant stages, the early signs look promising.

The cost of NeoWave therapy may seem expensive, but when you stack it up against the other treatments mentioned above, ASWT is either comparable or far less expensive. Moreover, ASWT, so far, has a 75% success rate.

However, if you’re not suffering from a heart condition, diabetes, cancer, or other chronic condition that affects blood flow, OTC ED pills at Walgreens could be your first line of inquiry.

Just be aware that ED pills of any kind are not a long-term solution.

So if you are going down this path, you’ll want to know what the best over-the-counter ED pills at Walgreens are.

Please note this list is based on reviews gathered from the Walgreens website together with advice from medical professionals. I am not claiming any of the ED pills mentioned below will work for you.

But they might.


EXTENZE – $12.87


ExtenZe “natural supplements” contain vitamins B3 and B9 which may help stimulate blood flow if you are deficient in B3 and B9. These vitamins play a role in breaking down amino acids which increases the paraventricular nucleus of the penis when you’re sexually stimulated.

According to Healthline however, “there’s no evidence to support that ExtenZe is effective in treating ED.”


Manufacturers that tout their ED pills at Walgreens are really excited about a 2019 study that shows men with sexual function disorders typically have low levels of L-arginine.


Because L-arginine is a naturally occurring amino acid that helps to produce Nitric Oxide, a physiologic signal that is essential for getting an erection.

Natrol L-Arginine 3000 mg helps support vasodilatation by widening blood vessels to promote blood flow to nerve tissues in the penis. Theoretically, this pill should make your shaft more sensitive to the touch. But side effects include nausea, diarrhea, and lower blood pressure.



As you should probably expect from OTC ED pills at Walgreens, Ageless Male Performance receives mixed reviews although does have a 3.5-star rating – which is standard for this category of product.

The write-up claims the “fusion of ingredients supports blood flow” which is essential for getting and maintaining erections. This supplement also includes L-arginine.


As mentioned above, testosterone is a trigger for sexual desire and plays a central role in making your soldier stand to attention. Max Testosterone is marketed as a testosterone enhancer that supports sexual performance together with increasing muscle mass – if combined with exercise.


If you’re a fan of plant-based natural medicines, you might want to check out whether Yohimbe-Plus Maximum Performance will drive your sexual performance.

This natural supplement contains a concoction of herbs Yohimbe, Tribulus, Ginkgo biloba, and Muira Pauma. These botanical beauties are said to enhance sexual performance by boosting libido, endurance, and stamina.


Theoretically, over-the-counter ED pills at Walgreens can assist in erectile hardening. Whilst these products contain ingredients that are “scientifically proven” to increase blood flow or increase testosterone, none of the ED pills at Walgreens are scientifically proven to work.

If you have been struggling with erectile dysfunction for some time now, I recommend that you try acoustic shock wave therapy