Even The Best Over The Counter ED Pills at CVS Aren’t a Long-Term Male Enhancement Solution

Written by: Fab Fellas


Even The Best Over The Counter ED Pills at CVS Aren’t a Long-Term Male Enhancement Solution

Over-the-counter pills might be the answer if you’re looking for a short-term solution to erectile dysfunction. However, before you run out and buy the first thing you see at CVS, you must understand the active ingredients in these pills, their side effect profile, and how they compare to other options. In this article, we’ll discuss three of the best over the counter ED pills at CVS and why NeoWave is a better option for those looking for a long-term solution to their ED.


There could be several reasons a man would seek out the best over-the-counter ED pills at CVS. Maybe he’s embarrassed to talk to his doctor about his erectile dysfunction, or he doesn’t have time to make an appointment. Maybe he’s tried other solutions on the market, and they haven’t worked for him.

OTC ED pills are a popular solution for men looking for a quick fix for erectile dysfunction, but they aren’t. These pills, masquerading as men’s supplements, are designed to improve overall male health while still targeting the specific issue of erectile dysfunction. However, these pills come with several risks and side effects that make them less than ideal for long-term use.


The best over-the-counter ED pills at CVS are clinically tested and claim to treat erectile dysfunction; however, these pills are not without their risks. Also, the best over-the-counter ED pill at CVS are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so understanding the ingredients should be the first order of business.

  • ExtenZe Plus Male Enhancement
  • Ageless Male Max
  • Force Factor Horny Goat Weed

The FDA does not regulate these natural supplements; some manufacturers will include harmful ingredients that may cause health issues. While manufacturers may not be trying to hurt their consumers, these pills can lead to allergic reactions or unintended consequences. The best way to avoid these dangerous pills is not to purchase them. Let’s discuss why these medications aren’t suitable for ED.


First and foremost, the burning question about ExtenZe is: Does it work? While Biotab Nutraceuticals claims that ExtenZe can reduce the symptoms of ED and improve your sexual function, there is no evidence to support these claims. Among these false claims, the drug makers say that ExtenZe can help or improve ED, enhance sexual performance, and even increase penis size.

Yet there’s been no proof of this. Despite the lawsuit and paying an additional $6 million for false claims surrounding increased penis size, Biotab continues to market its product.


Even if it is one of the best over-the-counter ED pills at CVS, the natural ingredients in ExtenZe have side effects.

  • Nausea
  • Cramps
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Gynecomastia (breast enlargement)
  • Seizures
  • Lower Testosterone Production


ExtenZe has been around for a while, and researchers have studied it extensively; plenty of case studies show how potentially unsafe it can be for men seeking ED treatment. For example, in one study in 2017, researchers studied a rare type of heart failure that occurred in a man who had overdosed on yohimbine, a common ingredient in ExtenZe. Furthermore, another study in 2016 highlighted the use of sildenafil, a common ingredient in ExtenZe, and other pills like Viagra.

Unfortunately, men who overuse sildenafil often suffer from seizures, memory issues, and loss of nerve function. While ExtenZe has ingredients that may improve ED problems, like Niacin and Folate, users would have to take higher than the recommended daily dose to see any benefits. Plus, users can get these beneficial vitamins from food or more effective sources like a multivitamin.

Not to mention that ExtenZe doesn’t contain enough of these vitamins to act as a supplement in the first place. Overall, ExtenZe doesn’t do what it says it can, and it may not be safe for everyone, and male ED pills like ExtenZe often contain proprietary ingredients that they don’t disclose. Because of this, the FDA advises against using the product for erectile dysfunction. We wouldn’t recommend using ExtenZe as a long-term solution for ED.


ED pills make false claims, and some enhancement products don’t have enough ingredients to do anything or are of poor quality. Despite that, Ageless Male Max is still reviewed as another of the best over-the-counter ED pills at CVS. We beg to differ, and apparently, so do many others. One particularly scathing review of the product mentions that it’s not a testosterone booster, which is what the product is supposed to do.

Unfortunately, companies like New Vitality seem to spend more money marketing their products than making a product that boosts testosterone. Unfortunately, based on the review of the ingredients, Ageless Male Max is little more than a multivitamin supplement with higher levels of vitamin D, which seems to do most of the work.

There are other compounds that studies have found are linked to increased free testosterone in the body. However, Ageless Male Max is missing ingredients that most testosterone boosters have, such as:

  • DAA – though some studies show mixed results, D-aspartic acid has resulted in a 30% to 60% increase in testosterone .
  • Boron – this essential mineral has been linked to increased free testosterone , which benefits older males.
  • Maca – is a vegetable plant similar to kale. Although scant research is available, studies support the idea that the plant helps increase libido, boost mood, improve fertility in men, and even help with menopausal symptoms in women.
  • Ginseng – a root used in Chinese medicine for centuries to improve ED issues by promoting Nitric Oxide production and protection from oxidative stress in the tissues of the penis to help restore normal function.
  • Fenugreek – In clinical studies, Fenugreek, another supplement thought to improve testosterone, was shown to be a safe and effective treatment that increases testosterone in healthy middle-aged men .

Anyone who has positively reviewed the product likely had issues with vitamin deficiencies, which would contribute to their problems with testosterone. So, with the Zinc and vitamin D contained in the product, users would probably see an improvement but nothing near the company’s claims.

Furthermore, the product uses Ashwagandha to mitigate many stress-based conditions. When using the product in the short-term, most people don’t seem to have any severe side effects. However, those sensitive to the product may experience the following:

  • Upset Stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Liver Problems (Rare)

In the end, users could find a better male supplement than Ageless Male Max to provide these much-needed vitamins and minerals. In addition, the product does not address the main issues with ED and therefore is an ineffective long-term solution.


Another product considered one of the best over-the-counter ED pills at CVS is Force Factor’s Horny Goad Weed. Horny goat weed, also known as “yin yang Huo,” is an herb with minimal evidence supporting its health benefits. However, horny goat weed does contain chemicals that could potentially increase blood flow and improve sexual function .

Additionally, it contains phytoestrogens – chemicals with similar effects to Estrogen. Although some people use horny goat weed for ED, sexual problems, memory loss, joint pain, and weak bones, there is no scientific evidence proving that it helps these conditions. Furthermore, the plant supposedly increases blood flow to the penis by using a PDE5-inhibiting effect, but the results haven’t been studied in humans.

Because the FDA doesn’t regulate horny goat weed, it’s difficult to assess the quality of these products. Unfortunately, production companies will likely add compounds that people are allergic to or manufacture their products on equipment that processes known allergens. The worst part about this process is that no one would know companies do this because they aren’t required to disclose their ingredient lists.

Because of the secrecy, ED sufferers may be subject to severe health conditions or contamination from products like lead and arsenic . We aren’t saying that companies are out to deceive you, but they may unintentionally mislead you into thinking that their products will improve your ED symptoms. As mentioned, little to no information supports horny goat weed’s efficacy for treating ED, but there are some listed side effects that users should know.

For instance, men who use horny goat weed for six months or more may experience:

  • Bleeding disorders – using horny goat weed may reduce clotting ability and lead to bruising and bleeding, which would spell disaster for surgeries or wounds.
  • Worsen Hormone-sensitive Conditions – Horny goat weed subjects those who take it to estrogen-like effects. In some individuals, it increases estrogen levels and worsens cancer.
  • Breathing problems – in rare cases, some users have had difficulty breathing and even stopped breathing due to the sedative effects of horny goat weed.
  • Medicine Interactions – because horny goat weed contains chemicals that act similarly to drugs like Viagra and Cialis, it may interact negatively with those medications.


Unfortunately, products marketed as the best over-the-counter ED pills at CVS have one thing in common: they don’t treat the root cause of ED. Instead, they rely on temporary solutions that only work in the short term. These products may help some men with ED, but they are ineffective long-term solutions. Pills address the symptoms and not the causes of ED, which can range from psychological to biological. In addition, the FDA advises people to be cautious about using products that promote sexual enhancement as they may have dangerous side effects. Furthermore, these products are not consistent for all users because everyone reacts to the ingredients in ED pills differently.


If you’re looking for a safe and effective treatment for ED, we recommend NeoWave. NeoWave is an at-home Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) device that uses sound waves to treat ED at the source. AWT is clinically proven to be an effective treatment for ED, with a success rate of over 75% with all varieties and levels of erectile dysfunction. NeoWave is a safe and painless treatment that has no known side effects. In addition, NeoWave is a permanent solution for ED, meaning you won’t have to keep buying products that provide temporary relief.

The NeoWave addresses the source of ED problems and works to revitalize cell damage and promote neovascularization. Sometimes, neovascularization, or blood vessel formation, isn’t always a good thing, but in the case of ED, there’s nothing better. When more natural blood flows to your penis, you’ll have a better chance of achieving and maintaining an erection. So how exactly does NeoWave accomplish this task?


AWT, otherwise known as extracorporeal shockwave therapy, wasn’t always used to treat ED; practitioners also used it to treat other musculoskeletal issues like chronic tendinopathy. Now, as the treatment has evolved, it’s become a popular treatment for ED because it:

  • Is non-invasive
  • Is drug-free
  • Is pain-free
  • Has long-lasting results
  • Is affordable

AWT uses sound waves to stimulate blood flow to the penis. The sound waves cause micro-traumas in the tissue, which leads to the release of growth factors that promote neovascularization. In addition, the sound waves help to break up plaque that has built up in the blood vessels, which further improves blood flow, creating more robust, longer-lasting erections and reducing pain caused by these issues. One unfortunate drawback to most AWT services is that they are quite expensive. Some providers charge $500-$6,000 a session.


NeoWave is the best at-home AWT device on the market today. NeoWave uses the latest technology to deliver shockwaves directly to the tissue for maximum effectiveness. The device also offers a unique frequency specifically designed to treat erectile dysfunction.

In addition, NeoWave is the only at-home product that comes with a money-back satisfaction guarantee. Other benefits of using the NeoWave include:

  • It addresses the root causes of ED
  • It’s a long-term, permanent solution for ED
  • Adjust frequency for customizable treatment
  • It has no side effects
  • Improved results after one use
  • It’s backed by research and well-reviewed by many consumers
  • Suitable for at-home treatments whenever it’s convenient
  • Affordable treatment that only costs $700 for an unprecedented value
  • Increased confidence during sexual encounters

Despite the growing availability of AWT treatments, one visit to a practitioner can exceed the cost of NeoWave. Because treatments like these are so cost-prohibitive, men suffering from ED often don’t continue the procedure, and their condition worsens. Anyone suffering from ED deserves the best options available to them.


Erectile dysfunction is a private and sensitive topic, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from receiving the best treatment. Unfortunately, manufacturers of the best over-the-counter ED Pills at CVS mean well; their methods do not appropriately address the problem, have multiple side effects, and drug interactions, and provide sub-par satisfaction. Men suffering from ED deserve NeoWave as it’s the best form of treatment available today.

You don’t have to wait for a doctor’s note or a prescription; countless satisfied customers have used the NeoWave and love it. So don’t let erectile dysfunction rule your life – get the best possible treatment with NeoWave today.